30 Day Water Challenge.

For weeks I have been reading over the internet and being stunned by before and after pictures just from drinking water! People claim if you drink 3 liters of water a day your overall health, skin and energy improve dramatically. While some of the avid water drinkers are including exercise, foods to not eat, unhealthy drinks ect. I came across an article of a women with dramatic life changes without changing anything in her life other than drinking more water.

Being in college eating healthy, going to the guy and staying away from alcohol for most of us is pretty much impossible. You gain that freshman 15 and it seems to never go away.

This blog I will dedicate 30 days to drinking 120 oz of water a day (5 24oz water bottles). A little more than required but since I will not be eating differently, exercising more or changing daily habits, a little extra water cant hurt. I will be posting a weekly update on how I feel, look and overall thoughts. People, including myself, spend hundreds of dollars on crazy skin regimens, detox teas or organic food to feel a look better but I think many people forget the key to feeling and looking generally healthy is free, right from the faucet.