Week before the Challenge. More energy!

In my first and recent post I described a thirty day water challenge I am going to do and progress my results for you guys. Though I havent officially started I have been trying to drink water more everyday and I can tell you I am pretty excited for this challenge. You hear about crazy diet fads and detoxes that you end up doing or spending money on that ultimately give little or no results. So far after about a week or just trying to drink more water in general I think the final results are going to be great!

Over the past week I have felt:

1. more energy – able to drink coffee because of it.

2. Less caffeine withdrawal headaches due to drinking less

3. Face looks a little more hydrated and fuller. Also, bags under my eyes dont seem as apparent.

Below is a before and after photo of a girl who did a similar challenge. Not as much daily water intake but for 30 days her skin looks great! Something I can already see in myself and also a “goal picture” to keep handy.


Looks like this water challenge will have a great outcome. I will be posting my first weeks before and after photos next week. Stay tuned! :)